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WhiteWall sets the bar extremely high, which has been confirmed by numerous independent reviews in reputable magazines. Our customers’ expectations and our passion for photography drive us to perform at the highest level. Our professional photo lab ensures all products are gallery-quality. All photographers, both amateurs and pros alike, can expect nothing but the best from us, which we deliver using the latest technology and time-honoured, traditional craftsmanship. 


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Lambda print on Fuji Crystal DP II - original photo print in gallery quality

 Lambda print on Fuji Crystal DP II – original photo print in gallery quality

The Lambda print on Fuji Crystal DP II meets the most demanding standards: it is sharp, brilliant, and its colours are luminous. Professional photographers rely on its combination of ultra-modern laser technology, traditional photochemical development, and the renowned, high-end photo paper from Fujicolour. For your Lambda print on Fuji Crystal DP II, you can choose a matte, glossy, a shimmering silk or a deep matte velvet surface depending on the effect you want it to have. You can also opt to have your image developed with a classic, white border. Thanks to our enormous range of museum passe-partouts, quality glass types, and refined frames, there are no limits to your creativity when it comes to choosing a finish for your photos.

Matt Lamination

Matte lamination is the classic protection for your original Fujicolor photo print. Images whose effect is displayed without additional sharpness and brilliance are particularly suited to this option.

So fine, but yet so strong: our lamination which effectively protects your image from UV radiation, dirt and splash water measures 0,07 mm thickness. If anything ever gets on your photos, you can simply wipe it off. Here at WhiteWall, we deliver first-class products; annoying bubbles, rips and blemishes don't stand a chance. For the matte or glossy surface finish for your photo print on Fuji Crystal Archive DP II, you can have a glossy or matte lamination if desired. 


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Her work is controlled, provided with a protective sleeve and then placed in an art-safety packaging.


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