UP Photographers / interview  05/2022

Interview given for the great  UP Photographers Collective



Everything that comes in front of my lens. I do not work conceptually when I take pictures. Only after some time has passed do I arrange and sort my work, then some things grow together. Series and essays emerge and the conception happens at that point.My focus is on geometry, colors and framing. People often take only a static role in my work and serve the image structure.  


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SEEN Photography Magazine  06/2019

Featured with my series "  Urban Souls" at SEEN Magazine 


The quiet moments, the quiet phases in the hectic urbanity of capturingand capturing our cities

was the goal behind this series. Moments in which people are looking for relaxation, or even

a short escape attempt are the situations that I have tried to capture.

The pictures was done in Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Menton and Salzburg during a period of 2 years.


SEEN Magazine


Street Photography Magazine 02/2019

Interview to my series " A wider view" at Street  Photography Magazine !

 I am a collector of pictures, I have no conceptual approach when I go photographing.

Only after weeks, months or just after four years I design a series according to different criteria.

The quality of the pictures is crucial – the similarities have to open from my perspective,

only then a series develops from my perspective.


Street Photography Magazine 


YWYW Magazine 01/2019


Publication "New" ....  Featured -Interview 


 The characters are only one part of the picture composition and contribute to the whole. The most decisive thing is the situation itself and all its elements, especially the graphics and the colors that fall into place merely by chance.



Release - New Zine  05/2018


Theater photography from the perspective of a street photographer.

This project was implemented over a period of one year

with the aim of creating an own dramaturgy in grayscale

and a non-everyday point of view for the observer.


Thanks and enjoy the view from my perspective.

Enrico Markus Essl

Limited Edition 2018 

50 copies /48 pages / numbered and signed.

including a real fine art photo print

in 19x13 cm / signed and numbered. 


Copyright © Enrico Markus Essl

Book design & Photographs

All rights reserved, Linz 2018





Street Photography BLOG 12/2018

Publication on Street Photography ... Featured -Interview


His work is like a sideways glance into other people’s lives. A playful minimalism where, often solitary – though not always – figures are set out against vast landscapes to ponder existence and their place in the cosmos. A metaphor hanging in space and representing the unimaginable vastness of the universe and our miniscule and insignificant part in it. 

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121 clicks.com / Art & Photography / 11 /2018

Featured  New Series  "A wider view"


A Wider View – Street Photography Series By Enrico Markus Essl

A wider view, the view that I often like to find as a street photographer

on my rambles through the cities,

rare to find, but then I really enjoy it when I found them.



OKCOOL - 11/2018

Featured "New" ....

First founded as Stolen Ground Publishing in 2014, Ok Cool is a

zine publisher and  distro based in Montréal, Canada.

Believing  in DIY ethics, our goal is to showcase talented independent  

photographers and artists through books.  




FOTOCULT-Magazine  06/2018

Publication "New"   


My series "Urban Souls" 

was featured in the new publicationof Fotocult Magazine.

Travel edition /Vienna / Austria 2018


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Soul of Street - Magazine  06/2018

Publication "New" ....  Interview / German


Beim Betrachten seiner bisher veröffentlichten Bildserien sticht insbesondere hervor, dass Farben eine übergeordnete Rolle in seinen Aufnahmen vom „Theater des Lebens auf den öffentlichen Straßen diverser Metropolen“ spielt. Ganz anders und völlig gegensätzlich ist allerdings Enrico ́s Serie »From a fairy tale“«. Schwarz- Weiß . Ein düsteres Märchen voller abstrakter, surrealer Bilder aus dem Theateralltag aus der Sicht eines Straßenfotografen.




Gate 7 Magazine  01/2018





Publication "New" ....  Podcast Interview / German


 Mit dem österreichischen Straßenfotografen Enrico Markus Essl

spreche ich in diesem Interview über den Reiz, im urbanen

Raum auf Motivjagd zu gehen.

Er selbst bezeichnet sich als „Bildersammler“, der mit einem

feinen Auge hinter die Oberfläche des Alltäglichen blickt und

dabei nicht selten allerlei skurrile Szenen mit seiner Kamera einfängt.



Tackle Humor Magazine  02/2017





Publication "New" .... Interview

 When you’re wandering around in urban enviroment for a time

you also come upon parks and green areas. 

This series wasn’t planned from the beginning but has been developing over the years. Actually, I regard myself as a "collector

of pictures“, after some time certain pics make up a series.



kwerfeldein - Magazine for Photography  01/2017





Splash – Straßenfotos aus dem Urlaub

Für mich als Straßenfotograf ist es immer wieder eine besondere Sache, in einer meiner Urlaubsdestinationen zu fotografieren. Die Menschen sind entspannt, genießen den Moment, schalten ab und lassen die Seele baumeln. Daraus ergeben sich besondere Momente, die für mich eine Quelle einzigartiger Situationen darstellen.



C 41 Magazine 12/ 2016 Milano




4 years picturing Vienna:

Enrico Essl between old shops, malls and tourists.


This series has grown over a period of four years,

and as the title “B-Sides” suggests,

these works are not primarily used as single images and so far have not been used for any official series.

Vienna is my favorite city to live my passion “street photography”.

Make a trip to Vienna and you will always return to this city.



Photogrist Photo Magazine 11/2016




Enrico Markus Essl is a self-taught street photographer, who was born in 1970 in Linz, Upper Austria, raised in Salzburg, and currently based back in Linz.


For Enrico street photography means “freedom to let my creativity flow and to capture special moments in a unique way”, he inspired by wonderful patterns, colours, shadows, geometric elements and unusual scenes.


“Since my early childhood I have been interested in photography,” he says.

“I detected street photography for myself and it’s been haunting me until this day”.




PhotoArtMag.com / Contemporary Art & Photography 10/2016






Project Publication "New"


 I’d like to introduce a project called  “Geometrical Elements”. I’m constantly working on this projects for a couple of years, therefore photos were shot all over Europe – in Monte Carlo, Locarno, Vienna, Salzburg, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Budapest, Milano, Linz and even in St. Petersburg.




121 clicks.com / Art & Photography / 08/2016






Publication "New" .... Interview



Clear words and sharp meaningful thoughts on the lines of

street photography and the art of making it.

Enrico Markus Essl from Austria is a great street photographer

who creates pictures with a difference.



HOCTOK / Artist Page / New York 05/2016






Publication "New" .... Interview



Enrico Markus Essl is a contemporary artist. Pop art street photography

is his specialty. Enrico loves colors, contrasts, geometry, a bit of humor or irony in his shots.

He focuses on appealing compositions. He dares himself. Best of all, Enrico never forgets to take his take his camera anywhere he goes. His maxim is “Go your way, take your shot.” 



Shooter Files / Blog / 09/2015






Publication "New" .... Interview



Enrico’s work is very artistic and shows a focus on capturing color, geometry, lines, space, and unusual scenes. His work also shows an interest in experimenting on different themes.



Leica Camera  06/2015







Publication "New" .... Interview


Enrico Markus Essl was born in Linz, Austria in 1970.

Growing up in Salzburg, he discovered a passion for

photography that would metamorphose

many times throughout his youth and ultimately

land him in the world of street photography.





LFI Magazine 04/2015




       Publication "New" .... Project on LFI Magazine


           My Project "Geometrical Elements" was published

         at the new LFI Magazin.





Magazine / Street Photography Thailand  26.03.2015

Street Photography Thailand


Publication "New" .... Interview


was featured and Interviewed on

Street Photography Thailand


Leica Camera Blog 19.03.2015







Publication  .... Interview


Enrico Markus Essl was born in Linz, Austria in 1970. Growing up in Salzberg, he discovered a passion for photography that would metamorphose many times throughout his youth and ultimately land him in the world of street photography.



ISP Magazine 18.01.2015







Publication "New"


Two of my pics was selected on the International Street Photography Magazine !



Inspired Eye Photomagazine 18.09.2014




Series "Communication Breakdown "


Enrico Markus Essl has an eye for finding juxtapositions when doing Street Photography. Here some of his clever images with a statement.




Photophique Photomagazine 15.07.2014




Series "inside out "


In this showcase series we feature the photography of Enrico Essl, a street photographer based in Linz, Austria.





UPSP Street Photography 14.07.2014



In this article we are going to be treated to a new series that Enrico Markus Essl has been working on. The series is titled Communication Breakdown. We will have a chat to Enrico and find out a little about him as an artist, and a bit about the project as well.



Top Photography Film 13.01.2014


My inspirations are the people in the streets and their behaviours. Furthermore I’m inspired by the wonderful patterns, colours, shadows and geometric elements that are put together .. 


UPSP Street Photography 13.12.2013



In this Article Fanis Nizamis talks with Enrico Markus Essl

both street photographers on UPSP.

The series of street photos below are based on the

idea ‘Splash’, and taken in September 2013.




Photophique Photomagazine 21.11.2013





Series "geometric elements "


by Enrico Markus Essl   


This showcase series we feature the street photography of Enrico Essl,

a photographer from Austria. We spoke to Enrico about this series.



Vieworld Photo magazine 21.05.2013


Series "Geometrical Street"


by Enrico Markus Essl   

at Vieworld Photomagazin


Road markings, zebra crossings, symmetrical shapes and lines ...

I try to integrate all these elements again and again

into classic Street Photography

and thus a series has been created that represents my way

of interpreting street scenes

The way of creating pictures by cutting them in a my special way enables

the viewers to make their own interpretations

and to exalt their imagination.

Modern and popular street photography lives of scenes and actions.

The viewer should be captivated by the special vibes of the scenery.

One feature of my work is reduce pictures to the minimal.

Through the use of geometric elements and shapes

the viewer should be given new opportunities

to interpret pictures.